Teacher Deluxe Starter Kit - In the Christian Classroom

Teacher Deluxe Starter Kit - In the Christian Classroom

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Teacher Deluxe Starter Kit ...Two Boxes of Individual Keys instead of One

The Keys to Success for Individual Teachers:  Character Formation in the Christian Classroom (Manual)
Educating and forming children in the Christian faith and virtues is very difficult. Teachers often resort to negativity and frustration on a day-to-day basis. Although negative consequences are inevitable, this manual helps teachers focus on positive behaviors in a specific and tangible way. With the love of Jesus at the heart of this program, children will experience the truth that success is becoming the people who God created them to be.

2 Boxes of Individual Keys - 1600 Keys Total
8 Key Skills - 200 Keys of Each 8 Key Skill
The Individual Keys are the daily resources that help teachers focus on the positive. The manual will explain how teachers can use these Keys to achieve the greatest possible results. 

10 Classroom Displays
8 1/2 X 11 Posters to be put up in the classroom.  Each Key represented in the Key color as well as a Key Prayer and Key Schematic, demonstrating the heart of the program - Jesus and the Key of Love.

160 Classroom Group Keys
20 Medium-sized Keys, of each Key, for classroom success.

*A Starter Kit must be the first purchase of each customer. The Manual, included in any Teacher Starter Kit, is essential for adults to avoid common pitfalls and most effectively implement this exciting method of educating children. A Box of Individual Keys can be bought after a Starter Kit.

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