Public Schools

The program originated in the physical education classroom at a public school in St. Louis, Missouri.  After great success, The Keys to Success was brought to another public school PE classroom.  The teachers in the building kept asking the PE teacher, "Why are my students so excited about learning in your classroom?"  "What are you doing so differently from other PE teachers in the past?"  Teacher demand allowed this simple idea to grow into to an all-school character education program.  Now, students in the building were encouraged by all of their teachers, throughout the day and through the years.  This is how The Keys to Success makes such a powerful impact in the lives of students.  Over time,The Key skills become habits.  Exerting effort, having a positive attitude and cooperating with others, for example, are all just a part of who they are as people.

It rubs off on me and becomes a lifestyle. - 8th grade student

What I've learned in school doesn't stop when the bell rings. - 7th grade student

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