Inclusive Key Package

Key Package Materials

When a school adopts The Keys to Success as an all-school program, it receives all of the following at no additional costs.  It's in all-inclusive program, no hidden fees now or in years to come.  One price, paid in the first year or over the first two years, with no interest, covers it all! The price for each school depends on the size of the school. 

  • Motivational Presentations to staff, students and parents*
  • Teacher workshop:  How to use the keys most effectively, classroom management ideas and much more*
  • One set of large keys and a large “Keys to Success” sign for display on a prominent school wall
  • One set of laminated 8.5x11 set of keys for each classroom
  • Teacher Manuals for each classroom teacher
  • Starter sets of Individual Keys and Group Keys

Purchasing an all-school program is more cost-effective than buying the Starter Kits and other pieces individually.  We make sure to give our best discounts to schools embracing The Keys for the entire building!

*These presentations are given by a Keys staff member whenever possible.  If this is impossible, due to distance or other circumstances, media presentations will be made available and costs would be deducted from the program rate.