Christian Schools

The Keys to Success program is presently being used very successfully in many Catholic schools. The defining difference between the public and Christian school program is the key of Love! In Christian schools, we believe God is love.

The Christian Keys to Success schematic demonstrates this concept. Share God’s gift of love and ask for his help everyday to be the person He put you here to be. By doing this, He will give you the graces to develop all the skills needed to help lead you to your vocation and ultimately to Heaven.

“It’s great to use a program where God’s love is the foundation. Faith isn’t just a part of the “Keys”, it’s the backbone. It compliments everything we do. It’s the perfect fit!”
-Mary Beth Chik, Holy Spirit School

“It was a gift from God!”
-Sr. Rita Ann, St. Joseph in St. Genevieve

My favorite key is love because it is an important part of our everyday lives so we can act like Jesus. - 8th grade student

I like love. I like it because it helps me to remember how Jesus loved us and that we should love everyone like he did. - 4th grade student

My favorite Key is the Love Key, because it makes me feel like I can love as Jesus does. - 3rd grade student

My favorite key is love because I love God and that reminds me of that. – 2nd grade student

Yes because it (the program) helps me to be more like Jesus. It also helps me to do things better that I can't do. - 2nd grade student

I feel good, because I know I have accomplished something and become just a little more like Jesus. - 6th grade student

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